Friday, 27 March, 2009

So close , yet...

After getting totally pissed off with kopete in KDE 4.X, I finally decided to install Windows XP with VirtualBox. First, I was amazed at how smoothly everything .. just works. I even managed to make Windows detect my USB webcam. Though never really succeeded in getting it to work. I could play in windows and hear them. Everything seemed to be going well. Alas, for some god forsaken reason my microphone wont work in Windows. No matter what I do. Windows does detect it. I mean, sound recorder does attempt to record. But nothing gets recoded. I did some searching and realized that it is a well known problem. Mic seems to be working for some users. However, a lot of them have the problems.
I will just wait and see. I went through all the pain just to get my voice chat enabled but .... Afsos :-(

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