Wednesday, 28 November, 2007

ती परी अस्मानीची

I was searching for lyrics of a marathi song "ती परी अस्मानीची" from एका लग्नाची गोष्ट for some time but didn't find it. So I have decided to post it myself. Enjoy....
Comments/Correction are welcome!!
Also, If someone know chords for this, please let me know so that I will publish it here....

Ti Pari Asmanichi Ti Pari Asmanichi
Ti Pari Asmanichi Ti Pari Asmanichi

Dole Tiche Salsalti Mashyanchi Jodi
Oath Tiche Santryanchya Rasrastya Phodi
Galavar Thartharte Saay Dudhachi
Angavar Chav Dharate God Madhachi

Ti Baghate Teva Hridayat Dhad Dhad Hote
Hasate Teva bhovatiche Saare Bhirbhirte
Valate Teva Baglyanchya Udati Shubhra Mala
Saptarangi Indradhanu Yet Ase Abhala

देवनागरी लिपिमध्ये

ती परी अस्मानीची ती परी अस्मानीची
ती परी अस्मानीची ती परी अस्मानीची

डोळे तिचे सळसळती माश्यांची जोड़ी
ओठ तिचे संत्र्यांच्या रसरसत्या फोड़ी
गालावर थरथरते साय दुधाची
अंगावर चव धरते गोड मधाची

ती बघते तेव्हा हृदयात धड़ धड़ होते
हसते तेव्हा भोवतीचे सारे भिरभिरते
वळते तेव्हा बगळ्यांच्या उड़ती शुभ्र माळा
सप्तरंगी इंद्रधनु येत असे आभाळा

Sunday, 11 November, 2007

Why does tea spill ?

We all know why does milk spill when overheated...Apparently the layer of cream formed on the milk surface is to blame.
Well I do not fully agree with it but then it is the most plausible reason so lets accept that as an axiom.
Now, do a small experiment. Heat water in a small teapot. make sure teapot is at least 50% filled with water (not that this is a mandatory condition for the result but it will make result sufficiently clear coz you will have to take the pain of cleaning up the stove after this :-D). When water starts boiling add tea powder. Of course, be reasonable while doing this. Don't empty entire box but don't be frugal either (best option do this when u r making ur evening tea). Don't bother to reduce the flame. You will see that tea does spill just like milk. Now keep stirring the tea while its boiling. No matter how fast you stir it still tries everything to spill out of teapot.
Any guesses why this happens. If you know the answer, please be kind enough to share it with me. I am dying to find it out.

If you think this is a totally pointless thing to do....then.... may be it is. But don't forget a similar observation had resulted in the invention of first steam engine.

Monday, 5 November, 2007

The Indian Mentality

I remember reading somewhere (ok, that somewhere happens to be here) that Indians are privately smart and publicly dumb. They cannot really think long term. Over the last couple of months I came across few situations which repeatedly highlighted another similar aspect of the "indian" way of thinking. We often tend to think that as an individual one person cannot change anything. And we believe it so hopelessly that we just stop making any effort of changing. But we forget that if each of us decide to change it, we no longer are "individuals" and any effort we make is going to have its effect. In fact, every small thing Indians do is going to get amplified by a billion times (because of the sheer number of Indians :-) ).

I agree there is a possibility of failure despite out honest attempt to change things around us. But there is a (small but non-zero) chance that we may succeed. But doing no effort, just because you think you will be the only one trying it would ensure that things don't change. Because a zillion multiplied by zero is still zero. However, I did not see this kind of attitude in people from other parts of the world.

This makes me wonder whether this is the reason why India is still a developing nation even after 60 years of independence (despite being richly supplied by resources). Look at Germany. The country was devastated twice in the same century but in spite of all the destruction it is among the countries with maximum GDP. (Germany is ranked 5th in terms of overall GDP and 18th in terms of per capita GDP). Although these figures are not absolute the indices for growth but it provides us with something to think.

Think fellow Indians, Think....