Saturday, 31 May, 2008

Grad student productivity

I know Jorge Cham has done something like this. But I would like to present my findings here...
The graph above shows productivity of a grad student wrt amount of workload. The slopes of two sides of the curve are affected by student's interests, time of year, his dedication and motivation from peers.

Comments are welcome !!

P.S. Is there a journal/conference where I can submit this ???

P. P.S. Its Friday, 30th May 20:50 hrs here. But for some god forsaken reason, blogspot is showing date as Saturday 31st May.

Wednesday, 28 May, 2008

A new look

For no apparent reason, I have decided to change the look of my blog. I have fiddled with the basic template, changed a few colors here and there. The background image of the main section is my desk clicked on a random day. I see that the font color does not contrast with background well, but my choice of background leaves me no choice but to use white. Expect another change soon.
Meanwhile, any comments and criticisms about the current look are welcome...

Thursday, 22 May, 2008

Life is beautiful

I am feeling great. Last few days have been really tough. And my stupidity is to be blamed for that. But now all the doubts have gone. All questions are answered. I think I have grown up a lot in last few days. I am happy. Really really happy....

Saturday, 17 May, 2008

looking back...

sitting alone in my office, i was thinking about my life (which i often do these days). and suddenly i realized that i have wasted precious ten years of my life. when i passed out of school, i was fond of reading. i also liked arts in general. but as time passed by i stopped bothering about nurturing at least one good hobby. i stopped reading altogether. i did not pursue music. i never continued drawing something i really liked back then. i have come to a point in my life where i have a great academic record but absolutely nothing else. if someone asks me what else have i done, i keep searching for words (and excuses). yes, i have traveled. i have been to many places. but all the time i was traveling for something or for someone. never ever have i thought about doing things for the sake of it. i pity myself.... :-(

Tuesday, 13 May, 2008

Interesting C program

#ifndef __NONSENSE__
#define __NONSENSE__

#include religiousviolence.h
#include dirtypolitics.h
#include popularculture.h

BOOL lesson_learnt = FALSE;

void History()
if(Checkstabiity(fanaticism) && CheckCorruption(BoomingEconomy) && CheckPublicDesire(SocialProblems))
lesson_learnt = TRUE;

History(); //repeat History


Link error ...commonsense32.lib missing...
ld returned status 1..

Saturday, 10 May, 2008

I am tense...

Thats true. I can feel it but don't know whats causing it. May be it's my qualifier scheduled next week. May be it's the fact that my support for fall 2008 is in jeopardy. May be it's the homesickness caused by the thought of going home next month. Or may be it's just another fit of depression. But I am feeling tense. I desperately want someone to be at my side who I can open my heart to... Unfortunately there is no one...

Friday, 2 May, 2008

Thats life

"I find it fascinating that our planet still has areas where no modern technology can save you, where you are reduced to your most basic - and essential - self. This natural space creates demanding situations that can lead to suffering and death, but also generate a wild interior richness. Ultimately, there is no way of reconciling these contradictions. All I can do it try to live within their margins, in the narrow boundary between joy and horror. Everything on this earth is a balancing act."

Jean-Christophe Lafaille

The man disappeared while attempting what would have been first winter ascent of Makalu (a peak in Himalaya).
I was just blown away by his attitude towards looking at life....Hats off!!