Wednesday, 22 August, 2007

Group meeting

My first meeting with my research group. Attendees: Myself (M) , My adviser (A), my co-adviser (CA) and a doctoral (D) student who is working in the field for last four years.
Situation: A is totally frust with D. CA sympathizes (may be because he was in D's place a few years back or may be he understands that D's major problem is lack of sufficient command over English to understand A)he but knows A is right in a way. M is not fully aware of situation but understands something is wrong. D knows this would happen and is buried under pressure.

A: D, These conclusions of yours.... I think we can trust them assuming the data you generated is correct.
(D remains silent)
A: And I do not trust the data you generated. So I want you to recheck the algorithm for data generation before we send the paper for the BIGSHOT conference.
(D fumbles for words)
CA: I see that results are not uniform across all the data sets even though the data sets are statistically identical.
D: Yes, The results for data set 1 and that those for data set 2are not matching.
A: I want you to understand one thing...As you have spent more than four years here, after this publication, I want you to get degree and get out of here.
D: (With a feeling of bliss) Does that mean that I have almost finished my PhD work?
A: Yes. We can add everything you have done in this area and put it in your thesis. I want you to understand that the resources are not infinite. So I want you to take the degree and leave by the end of next semester.
D: What do you mean .....
A: You are on RA this semester so dont worry now. We will talk about it later,
D: (Realizes the situation) What do you want me to do next ?
CA: Why dont you give your data generation algorithm to M. Let him go through it and check if there is something wrong. That way we can rest assure that we are generating the correct datasets.
D:Hmmm.... OK I will do that.
By the end of meeting D's tensions have increased many folds. M can feel the mental pressure he is going through, from his words despite his oriental accent.

Welcome to Doctoral studies....

A new innings

For the reasons still unknown to me I am back to bloging. When I first started it I was hopelessly depressed and it helped me get out of it. Probably this time its just going to provide a means of expressing myself (which I suppose is the right use of it). Anyways this time it is mostly going to act as my journal of experiences.