Wednesday, 24 January, 2007


Finally something to cheer about....
My salary is revised
I love my job :-D

Friday, 19 January, 2007


Everyone hates it but everyone practices it. It is very well said that "Survival and lack of hypocrisy cannot co-exist". Not many days ago, I heard a young man complaining about corruption in the system, comfortably forgetting how had he bribed a transporter to get fake bills of expenses that were never incurred. What right does he have to complain about corruption when he himself does it ? But.... people do and they will continue to.

As I write this, I should confess that I myself am no exception. And I think none of us is...

This makes me take a look at one more thing which I hate (and off course practice ) ... 'lying'. When other people do it, it's called 'prevarication' but when I do it it's 'handling a tough situation'. I think it should be called 'saving one's a**'. Exactly an year ago, I was giving my job interview and was asked whether I had any plans for higher education. I remember how well had I explained why it is not
possible for me to study any further (while I had already applied for higher studies). Although my brain says "I was just being practical", the inside me knows I had been untruthful.

I keep wondering why can't we be true to ourselves. Be honest atleast with our own soul. I think the problem here is that the nature is an analog system. And our soul to is a part of it. There is no zero no one; no black no white. Everything is grey. Each on of us is a shade of grey. I just want to try to be as lighter grey as I can.

Monday, 15 January, 2007

About the blog name.... It's french. It means "sadness will last forever".
These were the last words of Vincent Van Gogh.
For some reason, they just touched my heart.
I still cannot believe I am writing a blog. I have always believed that ppl who do not have any other work in life write blogs.... and I still believe it. Conclusion: I do not have anything to do in my life.
I don't know how long I will have the enthu to keep updating my blog. Going by the degree to which I know myself, I think that even if I keep bloging for three months, it will be a reasonable achievement.